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The Best 15 Minimalist Clothing Brands to Shop From

Are you planning on paring down your wardrobe to the basics only? If you don’t chase after the trends and fast fashion, you certainly want to curate your closet with carefully selected pieces. Knowing which brands to shop from is essential, as you don’t want to get lost in the world of hefty price tags and low-quality garments. 

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There are so many minimalist fashion brands whose philosophy values quality over quantity. However, their responsibility extends to far more than just producing long-lasting clothes. These brands make a statement in society and tend to change it through their actions. 

If you like to wrap yourself in neutral colors and simple designs and open your wardrobe to new pieces. We will guide you through the list of our top choices in minimalist fashion brands that are both conscious and socially responsible.

Ninety Percent

IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - Ninety Percent
Image from Ninety Percent

Based In | London, UK. 

Ethics | Fair working conditions, animal welfare, sustainable materials, eco-friendly.

Product Range | Women’s Clothing

Size Range | XS-XL

Price Range | $$–$$$

Ninety Percent is a relatively new brand, founded in 2018. Their goal is to answer the needs of the customers while saving the planet as well. The story began when Shafiq Hassan, an owner of a factory in Bangladesh, decided to stop working for fast fashion brands. Shortly after, he founded his own company. 

The brand donates a staggering 80% of its revenue to charity. Also, they make sure to source materials from trusted and reputable partners. 

We can describe their signature style as modern and feminine, but not too girly. A significant advantage is that the collection is made of high-quality materials that are renewable or recycled. Find basic tees made of recycled cotton and knitwear made of wool that meets the highest animal welfare standards. Quality is an essential element when you build a minimalist wardrobe.

Eileen Fisher

IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - Eileen Fisher
Image from Eileen Fisher

Based In | New York, USA

Ethics | Fair working conditions, ethically sourced materials, recycling, eco-friendly. 

Product Range | Women’s Apparel and Accessories

Size Range | XXS-3XL

Price Range | $$–$$$

Founded in 1984, the brand is already well established on the market. What started with an initial investment of $350 has now grown into an industry changer. Eileen is focused on selling pieces that make it easy for you to create outfit combinations. It is all about having the bare basics, which can be layered to build unique outfits. The women’s collection is expanded to a select line for petite and plus sizes. This makes the shopping experience more comfortable and much more convenient for women of every size. 

Despite the timeless designs, the garments are made to last from responsible wool, cashmere, organic cotton, viscose, and other ethically sourced materials.

Eileen implements ethical practices that cover social and environmental aspects. They choose to reduce the carbon footprint, protect the water, and use sustainable materials.  

Tasi Travels

IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - tasi travels
Image from Tasi Travels

Based In | Queensland, Australia

Ethics | Fair working conditions, ethically sourced materials, eco-friendly, cruelty-free.

Product Range | Women’s and Men’s Apparel

Size Range | XS-XL

Price Range | $$–$$$

The brand was born in 2017 with the idea of creating comfy, breathable, and practical clothing that you can pack for traveling. There is nothing worse than wrinkled clothes or poor outfit combination choices. Jess, the founder, had an idea of creating a stylish, practical, lightweight collection that won’t wrinkle. 

Tasi Travels offer minimalist fashion pieces, both for men and women. The wrap style is their signature when it comes to women blouses, skirts, and dresses. No wonder, as it looks flattering on any body type. The collection is designed to be practical, comfy, and follow you through your everyday journey. 

Materials used are TENCEL, organic cotton, and modal. Despite feeling comfy on your skin, these materials are eco-friendly and low impact. The brand also supports local manufacturers. For every sale partnered with 1TreePlanted, they plant a tree to restore the forests affected by Australia’s fires. The clothes are made of vegan materials that have a low impact on the environment. 

Samara Bags

IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - Samara Bags
Image from Samara Bags

Based In | Canada

Ethics | Supporting Charities, Ethically sourced materials, Eco-friendly.

Product Range | Women’s Accessories

Price Range | $$–$$$

If you were looking for a brand that offers ethical bags, this is it. Samara bags are of high quality, cruelty-free, and come with sleek and clean designs.

The brand started making its first bags in 2017, putting the focus on using cruelty-free materials. Their products are made of apple leather, an innovative material that uses the juice industry’s leftovers. However, social impact isn’t excluded since the brand contributes to providing solar panels for students in Africa that don’t have access to electricity. 

Whether you prefer large totes to bring your necessities, small shoulder bags, or a minimalist clutch that goes with all your outfits, you can shop all of them here. You can find a wide range of lovely neutral colors that go with just anything. Despite the classic black, the colors range from earthy neutrals, sand, taupe to blush pink. 

Sydney Brown

IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - Sydney Brown
Image from Sydney Brown

Based In | Los Angeles

Ethics | Fair working conditions, ethically sourced materials, animal welfare, eco-friendly.

Product Range | Women’s and Men’s Accessories

Size Range | XS-XL

Price Range | $$$

Sydney Brown is a brand that doesn’t sacrifice animals, people, or the environment for luxury. Instead, they implement the best practices to embrace them in one. The result is stylish shoes and bags made of sustainable materials that are 100% vegan, offering fair conditions for their workers. The brand started back in 2011 and is now selling handbags and shoes worldwide.

As part of their ethical practices, Sydney Brown recycles old shoes and reuses the materials. Despite getting a 20% discount on your next order, you will be sure that your old shoes don’t end up polluting the environment. 

Sydney Brown‘s bags come with clean lines and subtle details. Camel and brown are your minimalist choices available. When it comes to shoes, they have a wide range suitable for every season, from sneakers to boots and heels.


IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - Opia
Image from Opia

Based In | Byron Bay, New South Wales

Ethics | Fair working conditions, ethically sourced materials, recycling, eco-friendly.

Product Range | Women’s Apparel and Accessories

Size Range | XS-XL

Price Range | $$–$$$

Opia is your go-to brand if you are looking for everyday wear clothes. They tend to be comfy, minimalist, and feminine at the same time. The brand intends to stay classic and timeless, independent of the current fashion trends.

The collection brings muted neutrals and a small dose of texture to add playfulness. Their dresses are romantic and relaxed while still maintaining minimalist vibes. If shopping on a budget, be sure to watch out for their sale section. 

The team and partners work with above-average wages and excellent conditions, which confirms that the brand is all about fairness. The other aspect of their ethical practices is sustainability, as they use sustainable materials and recycle waste. 

Le Buns

IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - Le Buns
Image from Le Buns

Based In | Melbourne, Australia

Ethics | Fair working conditions, ethically sourced materials, eco-friendly.

Product Range | Women’s Apparel

Size Range | S-XL

Price Range | $$–$$$

Le Buns has been in the business since 2016, designing undergarments that enhance the beauty of any body type. Only natural and organic materials are used to provide comfort, a great feeling throughout the day, and embrace your body with a luxurious touch.  

Le Buns collection contains high-quality lingerie and swimwear, which means that they will stay with you for a long time. This reduces unnecessary waste and saves you money, which is a win-win for everyone. The transparent work practices allow the brand to work with partners that respect the workers and the environment. Also, they use the eco-friendly package to deliver the goods at your door. 

The minimalist lingerie is available in white, black, and rose. The garments are simple and feel comfy, but also delivering some cheeky vibes. This is perfect if you want to let your skin breathe and feel sexy at the same time. 


IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - BHAVA
Image from BHAVA

Based In | New York City

Ethics | Fair working conditions, ethically sourced materials, eco-friendly.

Product Range | Women’s Footwear

Size Range | 5-10.5

Price Range | $$–$$$

BHAVA is another brand that is all about producing ethical footwear. Founded in 2012, Bhava introduces high quality made of organic materials that don’t involve animal cruelty. 

As part of their ethical practices, the brand offers fair conditions for the workers. They also source material ethically to protect both the animals and the environment. The footwear is made of cork, organic cotton, and recycled microfibre to ensure quality. 

One of the brand’s statements is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics, creating a balance between style and comfort. If you were looking for a pair of heels that won’t cause pain, check their collection, and find your personal favorite. Whether you are looking for boots, flats, or heels, you can find sleek and minimalist footwear for everyday wear. 

Kool and Konscious

Based In | Hong Kong, China

Ethics | Fair working conditions, ethically sourced materials, recycling, eco-friendly.

Product Range | Women’s and Men’s Apparel and Accessories

Size Range | XS-XL

Price Range | $$–$$$

Founded in 2019, Kool And Konscious is a marketplace that gathers carefully picked conscious and ethical brands in one place. It is a platform that makes searching for conscious brands easier, aiming to reduce the impact of fast fashion. More than 100 brands are present, which makes your shopping experience more convenient.

While the platform isn’t strictly about minimalist pieces, be sure that you will find sleek and simple clothing. You can find lots of good quality tees made of organic cotton for an excellent price. There is a sale section too, so don’t miss checking it. Men can also pick minimalist and simple clothing pieces for everyday wear. 

The criteria for getting on the Kool and Konscious site are strict. They only pick brands that use recycled or ethically sourced fabrics. Also, they must treat workers and partners with respect. When it comes to the environment, they prefer biodegradable and toxin-free materials that don’t harm the environment. If you choose to recycle your old clothes, you will be gifted with coupons.

Made Trade

IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - Made Trade
Image from Made Trade

Based In | Portland

Ethics | Fair working conditions, empowering women, ethically sourced materials, eco-friendly.

Product Range | Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s Apparel, Home Decor, and Accessories

Size Range | S–6XL

Price Range | $$–$$$

Made Trade is another brand that emphasizes the ethical aspect of the business. The transparent practices are all about sustainability, fairness, and quality. The brand launched in 2018 with the primary idea of offering ethical clothing and home goods. 

Made Trade supports small businesses with transparent practices that follow their core values. Many brands use their platform to sell their goods, but there are strict criteria for ethical practices. 

The women’s clothing line has lovely neutral colors that range from black to earthy and navy green. Many of the garments are available in plus sizes as well. Don’t miss the underwear collection that is within the nude tone range. The shoe choices come with minimalist designs and neutral colors. 

Sustain by Kat

IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - Sustain by Kat
Image from Sustain by Kat

Based In | Los Angeles, California

Ethics | Fair working conditions, support causes, ethically sourced materials, eco-friendly.

Product Range | Women’s Children’s Apparel and Accessories

Size Range | XS-XL

Price Range | $$–$$$

Sustain is a brand that also cares for the health of the customer. The slow fashion brand tends to limit its impact on the environment and also protects your health. Consumers aren’t aware of the potential dangers of synthetic dyes. Their fabrics are made of natural fiber without using toxic dyes. They prefer to use plant-based dyes during the process to avoid causing health problems. Every single detail from the garment is eco-friendly, including dyes, buttons, threads, and tags. 

The designs center around being timeless and classic. You will see pajamas, tees, accessories, and tops made of fine materials. Additionally, they have a lingerie collection made of organic cotton and natural plant-derived dyes. 


IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - Tove
Image from Tove

Based In | London, UK

Ethics | Fair working conditions, black-owned.

Product Range | Women’s Apparel and Accessories

Size Range | XS-XL

Price Range | $$–$$$

Tove is a brand that offers luxury clothing with a timeless design that will never go out of style. The pieces can be incorporated into different outfits and worn for various occasions. You can quickly transform your day outfit into an evening one. 

This is the beauty of minimalist fashion, as you don’t need to have a full closet to look stylish. 

The modern designs are purely minimalist and come with clean lines that follow the silhouette. Only fine materials such as silk and organic cotton are used to ensure longevity and comfort. 

Esse studios

IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - Esse studios
Image from Esse studios

Based In | Sydney

Ethics | Fair working conditions, supporting local businesses, ethically sourced materials

Product Range | Women’s Apparel

Size Range | XS-XL

Price Range | $$–$$$

Esse Studios produces clothes that you can easily mix and match since 2017. They prove that you don’t have to own a large number of clothes to look stylish. These essential pieces can be layered to create unique outfits. The brand has a signature denim collection, so if you are looking for high-quality jeans, this is your destination. The premium materials are free of toxic dyes and chemicals. 

White tops made of quality cotton are a part of their essential collection and available in different styles. There are many various dresses, in case you are looking for a little black dress that looks flattering on you. Expect to see a neutral color scheme through the collection, which ranges from black, white to nude. 

Esse is all about creating high-quality pieces made to last and therefore reduce waste. They source most of the materials locally to support small businesses and only work with socially responsible partners. 


IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - Bevza
Image from Bevza

Based In | Kyiv, Ukraine

Ethics | Ethically sourced materials, eco-friendly.

Product Range | Women’s Apparel and Accessories

Size Range | XS–L

Price Range | $$–$$$

Bevza was founded in 2006 as a brand focused on elegant pieces, fine materials, and a good fit that flatters any body type. If you were wondering what the brand’s signature style is, we must say that it is clean and bright. You will see lots of structured clean-line pieces in white color, suitable for everyday and office wear. 

The founder knows that Ukrainian women love to wear fur and now offers a vegan version of it. They have digitally printed coats, which are a cruelty-free alternative to fur. They are made of recycled materials, as sustainability is another important aspect of their ethical practices. 


IANIKO - 15 Minimalist Fashion Brands - SKYE
Image from SKYE

Based In | San Francisco

Ethics | Fair working conditions, ethically sourced materials, recycling, eco-friendly.

Product Range | Women’s Apparel and Accessories

Size Range | XS–L

Price Range | $$–$$$

Skye, the founder, used to face a common women problem: a full closet but still nothing to wear. She learned that spending money on cheap clothes is the root of all her issues. Soon her own clothing brand was born, focused on offering clothes that don’t negatively impact the environment or your wallet. They recycle leftover fabrics to create stylish accessories. The style is minimalist, feminine, and suitable for any occasion. 

The brand manages to achieve fair prices by cutting the middle man. That means that you get premium quality without paying for extra expenses. Also, they don’t invest enormous sums in advertising, which cuts down a good portion of the cost. 

The carefully picked fabrics ensure minimum impact on the environment and longevity. Their work practices include fairness towards women and small businesses. 

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