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Italian Shower | The Next Minimalist Bathroom Design Trend

The minimalist trend is always evolving, always bringing in new aesthetics, designs, and products, and the latest one on the horizon seems to be…

The Italian Shower!

Most people opt for a simple shower stall with closed-off edges, aluminum frames, or frosted glass partitions when it comes to their bathroom interiors. All of this can add highly cluttered energy to the space, which is a big NO when you opt for a minimalist aesthetic.

IANIKO - Italian Showers
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This is why Italian showers are gaining so much traction as a worldwide trend. As more and more people are converting to the minimalist lifestyle, their spaces are evolving with them. This includes the bathroom. Since there are minimal aesthetically pleasing options to implement minimalist visuals in this space, Italian showers are slating to become the next coveted bathroom interior design trend.

So, what exactly are they? What sets them apart from typical shower stalls? And why are people so in love with them? Let’s take a look:

What is an Italian Shower?

An Italian shower is basically an open shower stall. It has no boundaries. It’s just a continuation of the main bathroom area, doesn’t have a step or a curb, and merges with the overall bathroom flooring. It’s also known as a roll-in shower, and its only distinguishing feature is the fixtures and showering paraphernalia installed at one end.

IANIKO - Italian Showers
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For people who’re dissatisfied with the typical shower cubicle style, an Italian shower is a modernist dream come true. The open space amplifies the invitation, takes away the claustrophobia, and is generally more welcoming than the constraints that come with an enclosed showering space. 

Below, let’s look at some significant pros and cons of installing this alternative in your bathroom interior designs:

Advantages of the Italian Shower

Here are all the benefits of installing this type of shower in your bathrooms:

Clean and practical

IANIKO - Italian Showers
Image from Pinterest

When it comes to the Italian shower, many homeowners’ most significant attraction is the clean, practical-looking aesthetic. Some might find it absolutely utilitarian, but that’s the magic of it. An Italian shower, at its heart, is a minimalist masterpiece. Its sleek, edgeless design provokes a sense of modern whimsy that most people are fascinated by.

IANIKO - Italian Showers
Image from Pinterest

Sizeable and spacious

Another thing that attracts people to the Italian shower is how sizeable it is. Instead of knocking their knees and elbows in a small, enclosed space, they can enjoy an actual spa-like experience within the significant area that defines Italian showers. Ultimately, the boundary-less aesthetic also invokes a sense of spaciousness that helps even a small bathroom interior design feel large and welcoming.

Easy maintenance

If you’ve suffered through cleaning all the splashes and calcium deposits off your shower stall walls, then you’ll love how easily you can maintain the Italian shower. Many Italian showers are designed with oversized tiles on the surrounding walls, which means no grouting to clean through. All you’ll need to do is regularly wipe off the large tile faces, and that’s it.

Matching the Zen aesthetic 

The Italian shower is the perfect gateway to the Zen bathroom interior design aesthetic. It’s spacious, brimming with the potential to add natural elements and be outfitted with design elements like pebble floor tiles, planters, and wooden tiles to get the desired effect.

The linear drain design

An Italian shower foregoes the typical round drain that requires a gentle slope integrated onto the floor surface. Instead, it has a linear drain that is often designed around the perimeter of the shower. If you don’t want it installed around all four sides, having just one at the front or the back is more than enough. It’s a very functional and aesthetically viable choice.

IANIKO - Italian Showers
Image from Pinterest

Wheelchair friendly 

One of the most significant advantages of the Italian shower is that it is wheelchair friendly. With regular showers stalls, a person who uses a wheelchair needs human assistance to move inside the cubicle. However, they can easily maneuver themselves into an Italian shower without hassle, as there’s no boundary or curb to block the way. 

It’s precisely because of this that at least 51 rooms in any large hotels in the USA must have an Italian Shower installed.

IANIKO - Italian Showers
Image from Pinterest

Disadvantages of the Italian Shower

Everything aside, not every aspect of the Italian shower is peachy. Here are some cons that you need to know about before making the final decision:

Dismantling in case of plumbing problems

While the Italian shower’s linear drain design is much-lauded and does have many benefits, it’s simply not designed for regular maintenance. This is because if something ever goes wrong with the drain, you’ll have to dismantle the entire shower area to access the plumbing. A feasible solution for this problem can be installing an extra-flat shower tray. This will help avoid all the gutting, and you’ll have some significant repair-work on your hands if it ever leaks, but it’s still better than the worst-case scenario of a drain leakage. 

Cleaning pebbled surfaces

If you’re opting for a Zen style Italian shower that features pebbled tiles, then your maintenance is not going to be accessible at all. Scrubbing between the cobbles might become your worst nightmare as soap and calcium deposits can make a firm home on such surfaces. You’ll need to divest all your energies in extreme regular maintenance if you want to maintain the Zen vibe.

The danger of slipping

Another con of Italian showers is that they’re veritable slip zones. When there are zero curbs or obstacles between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom, the danger of slipping (and even water damage) on the open expanse becomes quite real. You can avoid this dilemma by going for anti-slip tiles or even just anti-slip stripes at the entrance/exit. If that doesn’t sound feasible, then you can opt for a non-slip mat that can be rolled up and put away after each use.

That said, Italian showers are indeed an aesthetic masterpiece, and the pros far outweigh the cons. So if you’ve decided to install one in your bathrooms, here are some amazing inspirations for you.

Gorgeous Italian Shower Inspirations

Black and White Aesthetic

Image from Pinterest

This Italian shower is a bit on the eclectic-minimalist side. It’s definitely got that minimalist appeal and features an artistic flair with its Peranakan style floor pattern. This floor’s classic black and white look also goes in striking contrast with the gray slate colored walls.

It’s a fantastic combination that’s been offset with wonderful accessorizing. The wood texture of the stool and urns also plays in contrast with the silver-chrome fixtures. The overall look is absolutely distinguished and would translate well in any bathroom interior.

The Double Divider Look

IANIKO - Italian Showers
Image from archdaily.com

This half-and-half Italian shower hits all the perfect minimalist notes with its light grey color scheme and austere beauty. The floor level surface makes the whole room feel seamless and extensive, despite many constraints. 

This shower idea is perfect for any home with a small bathroom. If you’d want to remove the glass barrier in the middle for a more authentic look, then go for it!

Italian Rain Showers

IANIKO - Italian Showers
Image from decofuturepic

The great thing about an Italian shower is that it lets you double the amount of space you’ve got in a standard cabin, so you can always go nuts with your fixtures. The shower in this image is a perfect example of this. It has double the number of showerheads and is spacious enough so that it wouldn’t feel cramped. 

The grey color scheme is articulated gorgeously through a seamless material cladding, and the niche in the background provides a minimalist embellishment to the whole design. The level floor merges well with the walls, and the lightness of the chosen materials adds an added spaciousness to the entire ambiance.

With Contemporary Appeal

IANIKO - Italian Showers
Image from delightfull

This Italian shower pays a nod to the contemporary look with its excellent material, color, and ambient appeal. The wooden floor texture complements the minimalist wall finish. The sheer contrast between the two materials creates a striking effect that keeps the aesthetic from looking dull.

The black finish of the fixtures also contrasts with the overall ambiance. The two showerheads complement the bare ceiling, while the wall fixtures add a sense of inherent interest to the otherwise austere finish.

No Holds Barred

IANIKO - Italian Showers
Image from Ignant

This stylish minimalist Italian shower is the height of modern chic. The use of understated colors and materials evokes a relaxing ambiance, complemented by the minimalist accessorizing. 

The color contrast of the wall, floor, and fixtures deliver a truly striking effect. While the base is level, the material inconsistency makes it feel physically separate. The overhead shower creates a lovely ceiling focal point and stands out gorgeously against the light grey wall tiles. This aesthetic can be articulated in any bathroom, be it small or large.

The Tadelakt Effect

Tadelakt bathrooms are right up there on the list of the best minimalist trends, and evoking this effect in an Italian shower is going to be a double whammy. The shower in this image features this aesthetic’s best, where lime-based plastering is carried out on the walls to deliver a rough yet minimalist look.

The grey ambiance is complemented with leveled styling, and the overhead shower adds to the trendiness of this bathroom interior design. It’s definitely a look that can be experimented with, and you can easily incorporate it into your Italian showers.

The Elongated Aesthetic

IANIKO - Italian Showers
Image from Lushome

An Italian shower doesn’t always have to be designed in a vast square. They can be outfitted in any space you have, be it narrow, constrained, rectangular, or more. This image features an excellent example. The shower here makes the most of cramped space and embellishes the available area with upscale, minimalist detailing.

The floor features a gorgeous brown texture with stripes, while the walls are a stark white to add a sense of spaciousness to the overall ambiance. The oversized shower will enhance the whole experience for anyone using this space two-fold.s

Think Big

This Italian shower also features a separate bathtub, which gorgeously enhances the overall spaciousness of the design. The floor surface is kept level with the rest of the bathroom, but the finishing is different. This helps separate the shower area without giving away the essence of the Italian shower aesthetic.

The spa-like appeal of this setting is complemented with natural textures and neutral colors. They evoke a calming, almost Zen-like appeal, which is excellent for when you want to indulge in a relaxing soak in the tub or when you want to take your time enjoying the shower.

The Double-Sided Italian Shower

IANIKO - Italian Showers
Image from Homeadore

This Italian shower is the epitome of simple, sleek sophistication. It features a seamless floor lined with oversized tiles that continue within the rest of the bathroom without any interruptions. Only the ceiling and half glass partitions deploy a sense of separation.

Some might say that it’s not an authentic Italian shower, and maybe it’s not. But the double-sided effect emulates a unique touch. It also enhances the oversized appeal of the cabin and evokes a spa-inspired real impact.

Radiating Minimalist Warmth

Image from Trendland

This Italian shower is the closest to its authentic roots amongst every other one on this list. This design’s sheer style and elegance are orchestrated through seamless integration of materials, textures, and dramatic lighting.

The bench seat designed at the back is offset by a window and provides the perfect place for some excellent viewing if you want to relax a little. The rain shower directly sends a grand torrent from the ceiling while the floor is completely flat and level with the bathroom’s rest. The cozy, warmly designed ambiance evokes a spa-like experience that everyone can appreciate!

So this is everything that you need to know about Italian showers. They’re cool, minimalist, and will probably climb to the top of all design charts in a little more time.

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