Best Minimalist Rug Styles for Your Modern Home

Over the last few years, the concept of ‘less is more’ has started to become a lifestyle choice. And more than any other aspect of life, simplicity begins at home. Many homeowners and designers prefer this style because of its clean, effortless beauty.

However, simplicity can quickly become cold and austere. When you’re working with so little in an ample amount of space, your home tends to start feeling impersonal. Designers have found various efficient solutions for this dilemma, but nothing quite beats to the punch better than a charming, old-fashioned, and beautiful rug.

11 Key Rug Styles for your Minimalist Home

But like all things, the rug has to complement the sincere simplicity of the space. You cannot adorn a minimalist interior design with an area rug that feels out of context. Imagine entering a classy minimalist space, and a blood-red carpet catches your eye for all the wrong reasons.

Placing even the most beautiful looking rug out of context can sometimes ruin the ambiance. That said, if you’re searching for some key rug styles for a minimalist home, you first need to know about all the different interior design themes that embrace simplicity and what kind of rugs go with them. Let’s take a look:

Qualities of minimalist rugs

If you’re searching for some essential attributes that can be found in minimalist style rugs, then here’s a checklist you can always use:

Light: Rugs used in simple spaces are supposed to be light or neutral in color. They cannot feature bold or vibrant colors. The best you can hope for is to highlight a faded overdyed rug or a distressed vintage oriental rug. The lighter the color of the carpet is, the better it is going to complement your interior design.

Texture: It’s always best to select rugs with lots of texture for simple spaces. This is mainly because such areas are so clean-cut and unadorned that they could do with a bit of texture accentuation. Couple that with neutral colors, these textures can help evoke a homely aura in such interior design styles while maintaining a minimalist outlook.

Cozy: Coziness is also something that can help balance out the austere vibe in the minimalist interior design. The best way to ensure that your rug is cozy is to select ones that have longer piles. Woolen rugs, hand-tufted rugs, and shag rugs with furry piles that you can sink your feet in are an excellent option. The longer the pile length, the cozier the space is going to feel.

Warm: The rugs that you select for simple spaces must be suffused with warmth. Once again, the best way to make sure of this is to pick ones that feature cozy earthy-neutral colors and have long piles. It’s okay even if just one of these two qualities checks out. Do remember to select a color that plays in beautiful contrast with the floor finish, though. You don’t want the rug to camouflage with the floor.

Understated: Simple spaces are known for their elegant refinement, that comes by using subdued and understated décor + accentuation. Therefore, the rugs that you feature in such interior designs need to be similarly understated yet-accent worthy. An excellent way to balance it out is to select a neutral color that’s either two or three shades darker or lighter than its surroundings. Similarly, you can use the concept of contrasting with neutral hues as well.

Subtle patterning: Boldly patterned rugs can be an overkill in simplistic spaces, which is why you should go for refined designs. Their distressed countenance and faded colors can complement the most simple spaces quite well. Other than that, you can always feature artistically woven jute mats as well.

Rug styles that match the minimalistic genre

The following is a list of all the rug styles that can complement simple interior designs. They’ll help you better understand the variety that’s at your disposal.

Solid Colored Synthetic Rug on Amazon

Solid Colored Synthetic Rug

Synthetic rugs are made from human-made fibers such as olefin, acrylic, viscose, nylon, and polypropylene. They’re built to last around 3-5 years or more if you take care of them just right. You can find a variety of earthy-hued and understated area rugs in this genre. They’ll become a great addition to a simple space that you need to emulate some effortless contrast in.

Distressed Overdyed Rug

Vintage Overdyed Distressed Silky Polyester Area Rug on Amazon

Overdyed rugs are a beautiful new trend that repurposes old oriental rugs that have faded beyond repair. They are chemically washed and sun-dried. This causes an artfully distressed texture to appear at the top. Some of these rugs are dyed in bold and bright jewel-toned colors, but those are not the ones you should go for. Instead, pick overdyed rugs with faded and light colors that would fit in well within a simple interior design. These rugs would look great in wabi-sabi, Japandi, and Scandinavian style spaces.

Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug on Moroccan handwoven

Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug

These beautiful rugs are made from sheep wool and are not dyed at all. Their all-organic craftsmanship and understated, fluffy designs make them the perfect shoo-in for simple interior designs that need a texture uplift. All Beni Ourain rugs are white or beige. They feature the most straightforward black/brown geometric patterns so that the white backdrop doesn’t feel too monotonous. This rug type is a classic choice whenever you need an elegant and understated accentuation for the floor.

Berber Rugs

Authentic Berber style rugs were first woven by the mountain women of North Africa as blankets and coverings to stay warm during the cold temperatures. Over time, they become floor coverings that are characterized by their looped piles and natural colors. They’re incredibly durable and have a great visual value. These days, revamped Berber rugs are available in many unique colors. But if you want to complement simple interior design styles, then going for neutral-colored ones is the ideal choice.

Berber Rugs from Handmade Rug Co

Light Shag Rugs

Shag rugs may have been a 60’s retro manifest, but they look quite amazing in simple spaces. Part of the reason is that they provide gorgeous visual texture even when you choose them in earthy and neutral colors. The significant part about shag rugs is that you can find them in a variety of materials. You can get a costly woolen shag rug that will last a long time. Or you can get a synthetic shag rug that might not last as long but will make an excellent and cost-effective accent piece. 

Light Shag Rugs from Amazon

Black-and-white Flatweave Rug

Minimalist flatweave rugs are the best investment that you can make for your simple spaces. Their reversible, beautifully loomed designs come in many colors and patterns. But if you really want to complement your simple spaces, then going for uncomplicated patterns and classic neutral colors is the best choice. You can go for black-and-white dhurries, striped or chevron patterned flatweave rugs, or rugs featuring simple geometric patterns to complement such spacesNote that flatweave rugs do not have any piles. They need rug pads to stay in place, but they’re very sturdy and last long. They’d look great in minimalist, wabi-sabi, and modern contemporary style interior designs.

Black-and-white Flatweave Rug from MissAmara

Piled Hand-Tufted Rugs in Light Colors

Natural colored hand-tufted rugs are an excellent choice for emulating visual contrast in simple spaces. The fluffy piles come in an unlimited number of designs. You can pick abstract patterns and feature them in the wabi-sabi, modern, and Scandinavian style interior designs.

Faded Vintage Oriental Rug

Vintage rugs that have an artfully faded aesthetic can make an excellent accent piece in simple spaces. Note that you cannot choose rugs with vibrant colors. Faded and understated hues are the best choice. Such carpets work best with artisanal and texture-oriented styles such as Scandinavian, Hygge, and wabi-sabi.

Faded Vintage Oriental Rug on Amazon

Seagrass Rug

As the name suggests, these rugs are made of seagrass and are some of the sturdiest ones that you’ll ever find. Their natural color is a mixture of light green and khaki. They’re usually bordered by cotton fiber to keep the edges from fraying. They’d make an excellent addition in Hygge, Scandinavian, and Japandi style interior designs.

Seagrass Rug on Amazon

Sisal Rug

Sisal is a natural fiber, and the rugs made from it are slightly coarse in texture. The khaki color of sisal rugs looks stunning in simplistic interiors – especially those that require an artisanal or cozy touch. Sisal rugs can also be used for layering. For example, you can place the sisal rug at the bottom and top it off with a gorgeous Beni Ourin, shag rug, or flatweave. This look goes exceptionally well with the Hygge, Scandinavian, and wabi-sabi styles.

Sisal Almond Rug on Crate&Barrel

Khaki Jute Rug

Jute is another natural fiber fabric that shows a lot of potentials when featured in simple interior designs. The best part about jute rugs is that they come in so many unique designs. You’ve got the beautifully woven jute mats that come in circular shapes. Then there are khaki jute rugs with block printed patterns. Some jute rugs are even woven from a thickly braided thread. Some of them feature unique knots. Plus, the texture of jute is highly stimulating and would have a gorgeous visual impact in minimalist spaces.

Khaki Jute Rug on Amazon

Styles that embrace simplicity

Contrary to popular belief, minimalism is not the only style that is elegant and very straightforward. Many others adopted the same straightforwardness but are slightly different in tone, context, and perception. Below, let’s look at these styles and what type of rug will best suit them:


11 Key Rug Styles for your Minimalist Home

Starting with the most common and beloved of them all, minimalism is an interior design style that sees beauty in simplicity and living with just the bare necessities. It’s a style that frowns upon frou-frou design elements and visual clutter. It’s a very serene theme that can make a space feel elegant and refined. Minimalist homes feature a lot of light wood (such as oak and beech) textures along with stark white walls and comfy furniture.

  • Rugs to style with: Since a minimalist space features understated and neutral colors, you can use solid-colored synthetic rugs. If you want to emulate a bit of texture, try incorporating Sisal or Berber rugs.


Simple, stylish, and sleek, modernism sets the tone for simplicity in a bit of a different way. A modern style interior design is big on glossy finishes, so you’ll see a lot of high-gloss surfaces all around. The use of glass is also very apparent in this style. The furniture is profoundly high-concept but straightforward. There are a few rugged finishes that emphasize the authenticity of the materials used in the space, but they’re usually used as accents. Modernism can make your areas feel simple in an upscale, high-end way.

  • Rugs to style with: The significant part about modernist interiors is that you can style them with slightly bold colored rugs. An understated or faded oriental rug is a great option. However, if you want to maintain the neutral theme, then a solid stained synthetic carpet or a Moroccan Beni Ouarin style rug would also work really well.


Scandinavian style is defined by bright, warm textures, and open spaces. Initially designed for northern space areas, the technique has become a well-loved phenomenon around the world. Scandinavian spaces feature large windows, open floor layouts, cozy furniture, and fresh, neutral color schemes. There’s an emphasis on wood and light. The overall ambiance remains simple, if not a little homely.

  • Rugs to style with: Scandinavian style interiors are cozy without losing their simplicity. You can furnish them with beautiful jute rugs – especially ones that feature block-printed patterns or are woven in the form of thin mats. Synthetic rugs featuring simple geometric shapes are also a good option.


Japandi style is the newest hybrid interior design style. It features a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian style features. It’s spotless but does not skimp on the warmth. It’s characterized by functional elements, cold & dark color tones, lots of light, and gorgeous textures. The Japandi style is accentuated by a number of beautiful touches, including rugs, shibori textiles, textured lamps, ceramics, etc.

  • Rugs to style with: The Japandi style is rich in earthy textures, so sisal, hemp, and seagrass rugs are the right choice. Hand-woven cotton/wool rugs featuring understated and neutral surfaces are also a great option. Moroccan Berbers with looped piles as well as shaggy Beni Ourain rugs are also a good idea to furnish this theme with.


wabi-sabi style is all about taking imperfections and highlighting them in a naturally appealing way. This is another one of those styles that appreciate a clean, de-cluttered vibe. Still, it sets itself apart by featuring weathered surfaces and slight asymmetry. The wabi-sabi style is made more visually valuable when it is decorated with handmade accessories. Its specialty highlighting everything artisanal – and this includes all things, from furniture to fabrics and everything in-between.

  • Rugs to style with: Textures are an integral part of the wabi-sabi aesthetic, so going for sisal and hemp rugs is highly recommended. They have the added benefit of featuring the earthy tones that this style is known for. If you want to lean towards more colorful and artisanal, then over-dyed rugs are also a good option.


Danish concept is all about evoking cozy comfort, joy, and peacefulness in a space. It’s an interior design style that makes you never want to leave a room. Characterized by comfy fabrics, furniture, and décor, this style also prefers simplicity, breeziness, and earthy tones. Hygge inspired spaces are understated, charming, and homey. ‘Less is more’ carries a lot of weight while designing them. You’ll love how the light and textures emphasize the pure quality of this style.  

  • Rugs to style with: Fluffy shag rugs and faux animal print rugs would make a great addition in Hygge style spaces. Be sure to pick out neutral colors for them, though. Other than that, Beni Ourin and Berber style rugs are also a good option. Lacy jute rugs or coarse sisal rugs can fit in well within such places as well. You can also go for minimalist dhurries or flatweaves featuring only understated earthy colors.

These are some key rug styles for simple and minimalist home interiors. Knowing the different types of rugs and their similar styles will help you make a better selection when shopping for the perfect area rug for your own home.

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